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Slime Rancher Save Editor

But what if you want to change some aspects of your game that are not possible with the vanilla options? For example, what if you want to spawn any item or slime you want, edit your inventory, change your money or keys, or even fly through walls? Thats where a save editor comes in handy.

slime rancher save editor

A save editor is a tool that allows you to modify your save file and alter various aspects of your game. There are different types of save editors for Slime Rancher, but in this article, we will focus on one of the most popular ones: SRMPEditor by TacoGuyAT .

What is SRMPEditor and how to use it?

SRMPEditor is a small tool that helps you to edit SRMP world data. SRMP stands for Slime Rancher Multiplayer, a mod that lets you play Slime Rancher with your friends online. However, you dont need to have the multiplayer mod installed to use SRMPEditor. You can use it to edit your single-player save file as well.

To use SRMPEditor, you need to download it from GitHub and extract the zip file. Then, you need to load your world file (world.json) from your Slime Rancher save folder (Slime Rancher/SRMP/ [world name]/world.json). The editor will be loaded and you can select world or player in the left panel to edit specific objects. An easy interface will open where you can edit stuff.

Some of the things you can do with SRMPEditor are:

  • Add/remove/edit items in your vacuum gun, refinery, gadgets, decorizer, silo, feeder, or collector.

  • Set your money and keys.

  • Spawn and delete items or objects into or from the world.

  • Fly or walk through walls (noclip).

  • Toggle infinite health and energy.

  • Move time forward and backwards.

  • Unlock and reset all upgrades, doors, pedia entries, tutorials, blueprints, game progress, and treasure pods.

  • Supports modded inventory slots and items.

You can also use console commands instead of the GUI to perform some actions. For example, you can use spawn gold_slime to spawn a gold slime in front of you, or delete 100 to delete all items or objects in a radius of 100 around you. You can type help srcm in the console to get a list of console commands this mod adds.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using a save editor?

Using a save editor can be fun and useful for many reasons. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can experiment with different items and slimes without having to find them or buy them.

  • You can customize your farm to your liking without any limitations.

  • You can fix some bugs or glitches that may occur in your game.

  • You can make your game easier or harder depending on your preference.

However, using a save editor also has some drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • You may lose some of the challenge and satisfaction of playing the game normally.

  • You may encounter some errors or crashes if you modify something incorrectly or incompatiblely.

  • You may lose some of the immersion and charm of the game world if you change it too much.

Therefore, it is recommended that you backup your save file before using a save editor, and use it with caution and moderation. You should also respect the original developers and creators of the game and not use a save editor to cheat or exploit the game unfairly.


Slime Rancher Save Editor is a handy tool for customizing your farm and c481cea774

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